We can also consult You on procedure of getting the temporary residence permit in Ukraine through marriage. What do you need? For detailed information and support – contact our managers. Registration of a temporary residence permit for a foreigner - 3000 UAH. Official work (an additional work permit is needed). To avoid mistakes in submitted documents and not be refused in obtaining permit – use help of professionals. List of grounds for a temporary residence permit List of grounds for a permanent residence permit. We highly recommend you to seek professional advice before starting to complete it; Valid passport (or another ID document) with D-class visa. It’s a great pleasure for us in using our experience for you and we look forward to hearing from you. Ukrainian immigration bureau shall NOT be held liable for any actions performed by third parties as a result of obtaining data placed on this web-site. Whenever you come to Ukraine with a specific non-touristic purpose, applying for a temporary residence permit is necessary. Note! 3. Despite the fact that the application process may seem to be simple, several important factors should be taken into account: Generally, though getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine as a spouse of a Ukrainian citizen may seem to be somewhat complicated, in reality, it is quite smooth and streamlined. Apply for immigration permit and PRP after 2 years of marriage. document.getElementsByClassName('current-time')[0].innerHTML = time; © PE Stefan Poliakov “Ukrainian immigration bureau” 2011. We work with individuals and legal entities, Prolonging temporary residence permit in Ukraine, The identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine, Translation of passports and documents for foreigners, Confirmation of the citizenship of the child, Prolonging of residence permit in Ukraine, how to fight careless driving charge in ontario. For the extension of a residence permit you need to confirm that the grounds for an extended stay in Ukraine are still relevant. var minutes = date.getMinutes(); For example, the term for a residence permit which has been issued under work permit can not be longer than the work permit term. Ban to visit Ukraine: dead end or temporary difficulties? Temporary residence permit in Ukraine. The temporary residence permit term in Ukraine is up to 3 years. All information placed on this web-site is to be deemed as general overview about the Ukrainian immigration bureau law practice shall NOT be construed as a legal advice. We will provide You with Ukraine visa application form. Travel to Ukraine without visas; Stay in Ukraine with no time limits; Work in your own company; Buy real estate; Marry; Start you own business. 1. After two years of marriage foreigner or stateless person have right to obtain a permanent residence permit. It should be issued if you do not have the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit. Marriage serves the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit. The order of issuing permanent residence permit on the ground of marriage var date = new Date(); Although the overwhelming majority of these families are the real ones, in some cases marriage is arranged technically for the sole purpose of legalizing the one’s stay in Ukraine. Temporary residence permit in Ukraine RU . If you want to stay in Belarus for a long period of time, thus planning to stay here for more than 90 days (three months) in a calendar year, but you do not have any grounds for obtaining a residence permit, then you can apply for a temporary residence permit in Belarus (hereinafter – TRP).. Reasons for obtaining a TRP. The era of globalization brought it fruits, and every tenth wife or husband in Ukraine nowadays is a foreigner. More detailed advice and price information, The company offers a wide range of legal and consulting services. The temporary residence permit is the official document, that gives the right to the holder to legally stay in Ukraine, leave and reenter the territory of Ukraine an unlimited number of times within the term of validity. ☛ Details on the site! To obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you will need the following documents: Passport document of a foreigner or a stateless person; Application forms of obtaining a temporary residence; Request from a host party to issue a temporary residence permit in Ukraine; Ukrainian … There is a special package of documents required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Marriage to a citizen of Ukraine (or a foreigner who has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine). }; Our practice shows that marrying a Ukrainian citizen is the most popular basis for getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Which are drawn up depending on the availability in the foreigner of the relevant grounds. Legal examination of documents that must be submitted for registration a temporary residence permit. Our company can offer You to accompany the whole procedure “turnkey” of getting a residence permit (temporary). You will not need to apply for a new visa if you leave Ukraine and you will not need to re-register with OVIR during the permit’s validity period. Residence permit (RP) is a document granting the right to a foreigner – non-citizen of Ukraine to stay in the country, study and work. The list of our legal services for receiving a temporary residence permit includes: Legal advice on the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. 5. You can read about the procedure itself here.Today we will focus on some aspects of the procedure that may prevent you from implementing your plan in action - to conclude a marriage in Ukraine and get a residence permit on its basis. And in order to avoid fraud marriages the legislator sets the rule of two-year marriage. var ampm = hours >= 12 ? Residence permit in Ukraine on the purpose of family reunion. The term for getting a TRP in Ukraine starts from 10 days. The State Migration Service of Ukraine refuses to replace temporary residence permits for those foreigners who came to study in Ukraine and received a residence permit for several years. One of the most common ways to get a temporary residence permit (TRP) is married to a Ukrainian. Employees of the service refuse to accept documents, citing instructions from the main department and new rules for issuing residence permits. A permanent residence permit – is a certificate in the form of a biometric ID card that is issued to a foreign citizen, in accordance with its basis for a residence permit, and confirms his right of permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine. It is important to pay attention to the fact that a foreigner can apply documents for obtaining or extending a temporary residence permit no later than 15 working days before the end of his stay in Ukraine. After becoming married person have the right to obtain temporary residence permit. hours : 12; // the hour '0' should be '12' To open easier visa to other countries inside Ukraine. Documents required for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine by marriage: Completed temporary residence permit application. Assistance in translating passports into Ukrainian and its legalization. Ensure a lawful stay in Ukraine. Temporary residence permit you can get for 15 working days after submitting documents to the Migration Service of Ukraine. })(); But even if it’s that easy, you must fulfill certain requirements: Do not forget that if the international agreement of the country that foreigner is coming from foresee  visa to entry Ukraine, visa must be obtained. Please note that the application form is available in Ukrainian language only. A residence permit, both permanent and temporary, also enables foreigners to enter Ukraine despite the COVID-19-related travel restrictions , which is currently a significant advantage. This purpose means that a foreigner or stateless person should marry a citizen of Ukraine. Only then one gets the right to submit the documents for immigration permit and permanent residence permit. Involvement in projects of international technical assistance. First of all, collect package of required documents . Most often, the residence permit is issued for 1 year with the annual renewal possibility. 'pm' : 'am'; If this deadline is missed, the foreign national must cancel its registration at his/her place of residence and leave Ukraine. In order to apply for temporary residence permit, a foreigner or stateless person who, according to the law, arrived in Ukraine shall submit the following documents: 1. application(is submitted till the completion of the work on full provision of territorial bodies and units of State Migration Service of Ukraine with appropriate material-and-technical support for processing and issuance of the temporary residence permit in a form of card with implemented contactless electronic media); 2. passport of a for…

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