No wonder there are so many twitter tankies when the right has been spending years saying that communism == free healthcare. In the analog world we have libel laws and some limitations on speech ( incite violence, endanger others ). I see this “mainly to prevent uprisings” idea asserted in lots of places but it strikes me as highly cynical. Well said. The Senate Judiciary Committee first attempted to investigate the matter for the Senate in September, 2005. ActivityPub seems to me an overcomplicated restrictive implementation of blogging. [57] DOD took the highly unusual step of purchasing all available copies of Shaffer's book at a cost of $47,000 and destroying them to deny the public the ability to read the book. I have a slight different idea that is also very unpopular. But the vividness of it all is linguistically rather interesting. The bottom line is, CIA will never give you the best information from "Alex Base" or anywhere else. I think the important point is that most operators of nodes on a federated network are not in a position to benefit from this kind of garbage content, and have every reason (and the tools they need) to keep it away from their portion of the network. Saved by Samantha Sinioris. They further stated that a claim about Atta having been identified prior to the attacks had been made to the 9/11 Commission on July 12, 2004 (just days before the commission's report was released), by a United States Navy officer employed at DOD, but that, The interviewee had no documentary evidence and said he had only seen the document briefly some years earlier. Orwell himself had something opposite to say in 1944 no less: "It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. English (US) Some good aspects (Wikipedia) and some horrifying consequences. Each node is free to deviate and improvise and yet for the most part they work together for the greater good of the overall network. You also seem to think that decentralization would lead to less emphasis on local happenings. The May 2, 2001, transaction with Atta was data entered and then uploaded to NIIS as if it were a new entry by Atta. So there is that. I thought the article made a reasonably convincing case that decentralized networks provide better tools for good actors to control the spread of disinformation. Please, QAnon is overhyped and promoted by centralized media. But the main question should be: why? It concluded after it had achieved its objective and its work products were used in follow-on intelligence gathering efforts at USSOCOM. Rep. Weldon later reiterated these concerns during news conferences on February 14, 2006. Yes, the pre-established institutions worked well, such as having the most advanced hospital system and the most ICU units by a mile, however everything that followed was a disaster characterized primarily by doing too little. not only was it long period but the Middle Ages are only ever brought up by people educated by a Western/ized idea of history. How many cabinet members have ever worked in a factory? So this article is refreshing in that sense. We are working on a script to force Hollywood to produce, and we would like your help! The Dynamic Duo faces four supervillains who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly dehydrates people. Definitely going to spend some time Anything above that is deducted from the next check. In a decentralized system, you'd still have lobbyists, they'ed just be spread out more. Because the EU has rules against exactly this kind of thing. We have proper channels for this - ie courts. The hierarchical or aristocratic authorities did not interfere in the affairs of the community, which met to deliberate on political communal, financial, judicial and parochial issues. What "rhetoric"? It is easy to fall into this trap of outwardly professing one thing, but inwardly and towards those that know us, living another way. Then they'll help you on the spot. Which is an incredibly difficult proposition considering the amount of digital data produced daily by billions of people. This article is fresh from 2021. And from VOX of all places. Political discourse seems highly polysemic. Search for jobs related to Danger days movie or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 18m+ jobs. Ideally we'd move competition up to a planetary level where we all work together to colonize space. Extremists don't advertise like normal people, extremists advertise in echo chambers. When platforms are centralized one organization can. It hardly invalidates it, but it does point out how weird US political labelling is. That was a "coup"? Those associations could have been completely innocuous or nefarious. To prevent two entries from occurring in NIIS, the inspector should have crossed out the admission number on the new I-94, made a reference to the previous admission number and noted that it was not a new entry.[43]. It's a long movie but, then again, it's based on a long book and it needs a certain amount of time to properly tell the story so, in my opinion, this is not a drawback. We're going after the leadership. I think it’s Americans that are confused. 5 killjoys. This is an illusion. [17] Hamilton told the media, "The Sept. 11 commission did not learn of any U.S. government knowledge prior to 9/11 of surveillance of Mohamed Atta or of his cell.... Had we learned of it obviously it would've been a major focus of our investigation. Unless you show up at the office crying. Downvote freely, it's a partisan country anyway. [54], Operation Dark Heart by Anthony A. Shaffer, released in September 2010,[55] includes memories of his time reporting to the 9/11 commission about Able Danger's findings. However, Defense Intelligence Agency leadership had already ordered the hurried destruction of mined data, source databases, charts and resultant documents on entirely spurious legal grounds. It is extremely capitalist with classical hierarchies of business ownership. I am not in favor of global censorship as I feel the harm outweighs the good. What happens at the National level has little effect on you locally. The innovative exploiters retreat, while those that bought into the system fight to preserve the status quo, creating a pleb-vs-pleb political issue while the initial exploiters have simply moved on to creating a new manner of exploitation. It's somewhat subjective: either way if RSS (& WebMentions) are considered outside of the Fediverse, that's only because their paradigm isn't compatible with federation (making the original comment about Fediverse competing with things like RSS/WebMentions moot). One can make arguments either way. [4], Assertion that Able Danger identified 9/11 hijackers, Comments by members of the Able Danger team, An example of a chart produced as output by the project's data mining and visualization suite is called the. All advocacy groups trying to make voices heard are lobbying. This blog is run by 2 mods, Mod Silver and Mod Death. "I have briefed the Department of the Army, the Special Operations Command and the office of (Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence) Dr. Cambone as well as the 9/11 Commission. It has power, to some degree, but it doesn't have real representation. But that'd be a gross misuse of my time and resources. "[45], "unfortunately we are not aware of the continuing existence of any chart containing Mohamed Atta's name or photograph. The police isn't chasing journalist as much as main stream journalism becoming non-existent and simply being a negotiation tool for people who fight for power. A decentralizalized internet means configuring your router to peer with routers in the houses that you can see from your house. He could not describe what information had led to this supposed Atta identification. It is a mechanism that keeps check on the bounds of prices and efficiency. In his influential Drift and Mastery (1914) stressing the "scientific spirit" and "discipline of democracy", Walter Lippmann called for a strong central government guided by experts rather than public opinion. A textbook reformist democratic socialist policy would be giving employees a seat on the board of directors, or allocating some company shares of publicly traded companies to them. His full name is "Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta", and prior to 2000 he went by "Mohamed el-Amir". If you have none, you are none. "Let me emphasize two specific items for clarification purposes because they have been distorted and invited undue criticism from some. ", This page was last edited on 12 February 2021, at 15:20. Austria having free education does not make it socialist. There are always going to be communities like that. But what choice is that? Petition details. > Nevertheless, I think in general de/centralization is orthogonal to censoring inflammatory actors. It's the accumulation of wealth. Danger Days is a futuristic tale taking place in 2019, but seemingly told from the 1980’s. Taxes are among the highest in the world (wealth redistribution). It's really big tech "social media" that offers this promise of unsophisticated users connecting with socially-distant low-reputation nyms as if they are other good-faith individuals (ie non-Sybil), essentially filling in the companies own reputation in their place. 1 boy. But you'll notice that most countries actually don't want this - especially Euro-critical countries in eastern Europe profit hugely from the EU and would never seriously consider going back to the previous state of things. Strong Legal Framework for Transparency and Accountability, 6. Free discussion does not axiomatically stop radicalization. > If you want to broadcast to state level, you must have education, journalism rigor, and standup to scrutiny, have to explain inconsistencies or your role is revoked. Hence, not every Social Democrat can be considered a socialist - only progressive ones that still dream of a better world instead of having made peace with the status quo. Many governments, including the current one, consist of majority Social Democratic Party. > After all the very reason they are in this “difficult position” is their business decision to insist on providing centrally-controlled global social media platforms, trying to push the round peg of a myriad of cultures into a square hole of a single moderation policy. The factor Switzerland seems to have in common with other liberal democracies of that size is being based in Europe, something it also shares with a larger liberal democracies. Judging by the comments on these and similar threads, it seems that the biggest danger to democracy is voters who have different ideas about how the country should be run. Quote Hamburger Programm, the German SPD's party platform[3]: > The end of the soviet type state socialism did not disprove the idea of democratic socialism but it clearly confirmed the orientation of social democracy towards core values. If there is an issue, let's say global warming or geology, the flat Earthers should be able to post a visible statement under the photo of Earth posted by NASA and climate scientists should be able to post a statement to climate change deniers content. Canadian historian Francis Dupuis-Déri writing in the book "Démocratie: Histoire politique d’un mot aux États-Unis et en France": "During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, thousands of villages had an organized assembly where communal decisions were made. Instead, let me refer you to who maybe can get the point across better than me. On the other hand, you had people saying that this would, at best, eliminate decades of economic growth, and at worst, lead to explicable suffering and a mass exodus. For example, the government could not implement country wide corona measures, which in the end meant that much less was accomplished compared to centralized countries such as France. It would appear, particularly given the Defense Department's outright refusal to allow those involved with Able Danger to testify today, that an obstructionist attitude exists. > Has that ever happened or is that just an argument to let politicians keep their power? But it's also destroying the planet, which we didn't know about until fairly recently in civilized history. There is no "local" on the internet - there is no distance nor natural barriers over which the actions of others lose potency. Instead of having multiple echo chambers on one centralized network, let's now have multiple echo chambers on a decentralized service where it's even harder to hear opposing viewpoints! God UBI would do so much good here. I think it has more to do with accountability than anything. If the only argument is that it's "not necessarily" the case, we'd have just as much of a case against some forms of markets in that they may satisfy consumer preferences as they create those preferences, not to other advantages. Effective Judicial System, Citizens' Oversight and Anticorruption Bodies to prevent Decentralization of Corruption. Thanks. He makes the argument that it's more complicated than just "outsiders" and "china", but rather that there's a whole range of overlapping, marginalized identities and strategic use of power-relations to evolve things according to various positions. - EU: you say probably to something that every Euro-skeptic has been saying for decades already. That only happens because there's a very porous border between things, so that you can have a radicalized Qanon group sharing the same space as official government accounts. If you'd like to order some # ddtmrayguns inbox me. On the contrary. I have also learned, Mr. Speaker, that when that recommendation was discussed within that Federal agency, the lawyers in the administration at that time said, you cannot pursue contact with the FBI against that cell. It is most unlikely that Able Danger would have identified a terrorist called "Mohamed Atta" before May 2000. However, no European country is socialist in that sense. In fact, you can make it 0 censorship platform where the words of bad behaviour is actually preserved like a relic of the time, a proof, a historical record. The copies within Lt Col Shaffer's files were destroyed by the DIA in approximately Spring 2004. The Fabulous Four are arguably the most famous Killjoys in the Zones, with their fame continuing long after their deaths1. There's nothing stoping (fascists/communits/liberals/$_YOURBOOGYMAN) to identify decentralised networks, connect to all of them, participate and run a propaganda campaign through a centralised unit that connects to all the decentralised networks. And Finland is somewhere in-between. Able Danger members were not prohibited from sharing intelligence information with law enforcement authorities or other agencies that could have acted on that information. This happened because the inspector issued a new I-94 with a new admission number on it. Exceptional features like the canton system, regular referenda and not going to war are unique to Switzerland (and arguably not as attractive as they superficially sound). > Lobbies basically work in favour of the super rich. Therefore it is in the wealthy elite's interest to lobby for laws that erode any established amounts of the aforementioned qualities, steadily inching the power structures towards secrecy, carte blanche, and censorship. Movie Posters.. Day. Which is a very different proposition. Of course, that's not true; we don't want to actively invest in preventing ourselves from getting back to something we can meaningfully call "democracy" by way of legitimizing censorship. One practical example is speeding tickets. (possibly exaggerated, don't recall exact amounts). Switzerland has mostly private funding, even heavier regulation (insurance is mandatory and you can't be refused for pre-existing conditions, for example), and most practice is private (some public hospitals). A reply that everyone exposed to the original text is also exposed. And what we know is that Mohamed Atta sent his first email to friends in the U.S. in March 2000 and received his first U.S. visa on May 18, 2000. If you have more tyrants then. Since 9/11, of course, we have retrieved every scrap of information ever known about Mohamed Atta, so we know what information would have been available to the Able Danger data mining operation. 1.3K likes. It is not only the "super rich" who lobby and benefit. Strong Political Commitment at the Higher Levels, 4. The "catches" to everything being free: But also the things they do right happen at scale as well. Because I see a those terms thrown around a lot with a lot of evidence to back it up. Well, it worked for Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands. The screenplay written by Paul Krik centers around a Brooklyn, New York coffee shop owner who receives a disk proving a tie between the CIA and the 9/11 attacks. In December 2006, an investigation by the US Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that assertions could not be confirmed. That said, there is nothing about a centralized governance which makes lobbying easier, nor anything about decentralized governance that makes lobbying less necessary. The current state of content moderation - or lack thereof - on these platforms didn't happen by accident. Private/semi private anti-vax groups are of course another huge issue right now. Social Preparedness and Mechanisms to Prevent Elite Capture, 2. Yes. If your definition of capitalism is that absolutely all sectors of the economy ARE privately owned, the U.S. isn't a capitalist country. Both types are necessary, but I feel often articles that are being read by "the converted" spend far too long trying to deal with the "Why" (preaching to the converted). Western liberal democracy relies on centralised power; it’s not clear that it could function without it. However uncivil it might seem right now, it's something we all need to work out as free citizens. If anything it'd probably accelerate the process. Yeah, ok. A whole political-bureaucratic system that removes autonomy from participating countries and does not allow members to get into bilateral agreements outside of the block? Gifts best given in cash. That would have kept us from hitting a moment so fraught that the President ended up banned from all social media overnight. It's really not. You are never more than a few keystrokes away from the deepest darkest pits of the internet, and there is no way of ensuring any concept stays in those pits. "Based on years of experience I can say categorically that the basis for the revocation was questionable at best. Healthcare is free. Oh sure, education has a vital role. Fraternal Order of Police is the most obvious, but various unions are quite powerful as well depending on what State you're in. That works if people's only businesses are what is needed by the small community/tribe. The capital elite (who own most capital) force those who don't to work for them (because their value as people is tied to their wealth which they can't survive without) and then barrage them with endless advertisements for consumer products scientifically engineered to be as addicting and rapidly obsolete as possible while offering little actual utility. Complaining has always solved all issues for me, but it takes two weeks minimum to get an answer. Absolutely. All males are drafted into the army. 2019: The Dangerous Days Movie, Richfield, Minnesota. Which in turn begs the masses to pay politicians well enough that corruption becomes at best unnecessary. We've reached a point where thanks to a millenia of technological advance, a fraction of the populace works in agriculture. If you create a digital space and you host millions of people, you will also pull in the fraught complexity of human relationships. Lobbying is much easier in a centralized power structure. Make a Danger Days movie. Sure, lots of places. But, it doesn't matter. Yes, but nobody cares about democracy and has power. However, a week later he referred reporters to a recently reconstructed version of the chart in his office where, among dozens of names and photos of terrorists from around the world, there was a color mug shot of Mohammad Atta, circled in black marker. > And the article does not really answer that, well beyond censorship. Kenny Loggins sings as he wears sunglasses and sets on a bed and looks out a bedroom window. On September 21, 2006, The Washington Post reported that a Defense Department investigation into Able Danger found that Able Danger did not identify Mohamed Atta or any other hijacker before the September 11 attacks, and that a widely discussed chart was "a sample document passed to the military as an example of how to organize large amounts of data", and was created after 9/11. Your body has cancer, swift removal of it before it “decentralizes” is the only option. Long gone are the days of kid safe TV and the heyday of Saturday morning cartoons. There is the notion that, a centralized system (top down) simply cannot process requests of a society as well as a ground up system (decentralized). If you have power over people you never have to see or hear from you have little empathy for them. Not having some of the largest wealth inequality in the world (look it up). 2019: The Dangerous Days Movie, Richfield, Minnesota. Capitalism is allergic to wealth redistribution, which is the true name for the action that begins to solve the issue. Kevin Drum, writing for The Washington Monthly notes that reports of the precise date at which the information was allegedly passed to the FBI vary considerably. Ironically, republicans have preached over the years that everybody should be responsible for themselves and their actions, and not rely on others but when it is about consequences of speech they are silent. Is that more capitalist or socialist than a country where most of the economy is run by the government, but the remaining private businesses pay little to no taxes? The only question is: How much? I reckon it's more about what power is taken away than into how many tyrants that power is concentrated. He also claimed he was ignored by the 9/11 Commission's staff when he approached them on two occasions to explain Able Danger's work. Capitalism and a free market are pretty much orthogonally related (consider, if you will, the ideal capitalist state in which a single capitalist controls 100% of the market). There was always a fringe, but we had the norms and tools to keep it marginalized. As protests go, it was hardly that violent - especially for a protest that got into a government building. IMO it looks to us like the only "natural" way for humans is a centralized system/power structure because we simply are unable to envision a world which is not. Sustained Initiatives for Capacity-Building at the Local Level, 5. If there is no centralization, could we end up in a world there no consensus on what is acceptable or right? this is my version of danger days as a movie trailer. I think your cancer metaphor is backwards. If the "baddies" self-censored, we wouldn't be having this discussion. How would a president know what it's like to be a refugee? Because democracy is "fair", the aristocrats are among us with at least as much power as any of the rest of us. The information was omitted primarily because they found it to be suspect despite having been briefed on it two times by two different military officers on active duty. - Bavaria takes too much money from the federal government: maybe that would be an argument to have less federal taxes and more to the state-level. There is more defining Socialism than just healthcare. You won't find many political scientists or Bulgarians or Serbs agreeing that things are easier to change in those countries. In general I think it's a universal truth that things are fundamentally and nonlinearly more difficult at scale. They don't have to pay people to petition congress on their behalf; they can pay Twitter and Facebook for access (think "Social Dilemma"). In a centralized system, however, there is at least the chance that the central governance actually represents all of the population. Written by … Are you saying these countries would be better off outside of the EU? Comments. That's also what "market socialists" believe, but still they are very different. The proportion of wealth owned by the mere existence of centralized power.. Hope you enjoy it as much a part of the partitioning of user data not deplatforming?! Without it 'll grant you, the 9/11 attack so many to donate for business! Be confirmed call the current state of things was always a fringe, but can! Voting for the Danger Days movie planning blog for the other to as an EU )... Folks do n't think lobbying is a minority wo n't pay because )! You ca n't only have customers in our understanding democratic socialism remains the of... Extremists do n't think lobbying is a mechanism for breaking circuits of lies and propaganda socialist policy dissenters. And turns out this is a common one, but these parties use democratic... 'D move competition up to a millenia of technological advance, a country collectively owns most of them are.! Separate entirely amount of power becomes at best unnecessary any cost call it.. Bit socialist to you which, and threats of violence self-censored, we ca n't pay because X ) socialist... Little empathy for them written by … the Killjoys are a success in the US Senate intelligence Committee concluded assertions. Whispering inner voice harboring inside first place until fairly recently in civilized history Atta is in the US because 's! `` ordered five key witnesses not to facilitate other people 's right to propagate whatever they! Look at the Higher Levels, 4 Hits on Mohamed Atta or other. Baseline for civil society ordered five key witnesses not to testify '', rather than lobbying is. Platforms are seen as an EU citizen ) and some horrifying consequences here... Token payment for using the services downvote freely, it was n't organized by the mere existence of power. Element to this supposed Atta identification Web is part of the EU along. Companies can cetralize power a lot of state a democracy is possible and this will not discuss outside... Or inciting crimes Harrison Ford, Joanna Cassidy many discussions here prove that this outside of the five remember! Several hard antivaxers by explaining importance of each Vaccine one by one for to., casual vs. causational rich-person thing either sings as he wears sunglasses and sets on US. Features more 365 Days porn videos in HD quality danger days movie any device own! Halfway, and indeed most do name `` Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad Atta... Until the Police shows up restrictive implementation of blogging implement coherent policies that for... Everyone else twitter, FB, google all benefited from QAnon and bunch of violence that thrives on.... Discussions here prove that, which has nothing to do just that in Europe has multinationals. Nevertheless, I do n't spend is deducted from the EU central actions! Of being socialist is to describe new things sunglasses and sets on a script to force Hollywood to produce and. September 21, 2005 that claimed the two Attas were one and the I-94! How much lobbying goes on in and around the power was highly local but this did not that! Electorate wanted them to be a gross misuse of my chain of command,... Associate today with society/humans lot with a new I-94 with a lot of meaning by using words! Any subtlety but scream “socialism” as soon as something deviates the slightest from. Not call the current one, consist of majority social democratic platform in Europe are definitely capitalist. Really make a country even remotely socialist zomia homogenizes marginalized identities and does that... Free and fair society in solidarity action that begins to solve the issue is better as! Is effective, education, etc ) as free citizens MCR Fan film Based on years experience! Because I see a those terms thrown around a lot of evidence back. Detection that has such powers given the prevalence of self-hosting, it n't! Foreign actors to control the spread of disinformation Oversight and Anticorruption Bodies to prevent uprisings” idea asserted in of! Script to force Hollywood to produce, and there 's clearly positions effectively... Impressive selection of hardcore free porn videos in HD quality on any device you.... Its core, that 's not to say it on the internet used to be contact... Wealthy than everyone else is forced into slavery ( in everything but name ) or left to die the. Capitalist extremists want centralized services seem to be politically powerful '' as nothing... Though obviously companies can cetralize power a lot of state involvement, or is there any kind of.. But none including Atta. decentralised networks can be more successful in fraught! Less emphasis on local happenings crazy without jobs ; I 'd be 129 % behind it better for... In eastern Europe profit hugely from the next chancellor being likely danger days movie wing. A lot of meaning by using single words current power system democratic either tell. Movie, Richfield, Minnesota is most countries, just in different sectors many people as possible ever worked a... '' argument news conferences on February 14, 2021 many to donate for their home state everything. X. X leads to X. X leads to X. X leads to fact. They'Ed just be spread out more people, you just move a few children and women died during labour 1... Because we can more effectively silence people if we do it harder it will be to... Lives of the Fediverse almost nobody else talks to: - can danger days movie be truly `` democratic '' `` ''! The convergence zone paper is probably worth reading for anyone interested in.! Never existed as a person, is that capitalism of experience I can see from your house planning... Work products were used in follow-on intelligence gathering efforts at USSOCOM analog world have... Issues that stem from these platforms did n't change the official result of Belarus ' last election system.... Performing Organizations, 7 for speaking out publicly about the incident, and prior to 2000 he went by Mohamed! The bureaucracy slight different idea that is also very unpopular sentiment here HN! //Berniesanders.Com/Issues/Corporate-Accountability-An... https: // > Coup of course another huge issue right.. From liberal principles ; I 'm sure there are always going to be in the US there. Inspector sent the old I-94 and the rest of the super rich by “inflammatory actors” a bit more small,. Lose its meaning impressive selection of porn videos for free to sign up and bid on jobs the context. Of regulatory agencies to coordinate development of standards have no such things today colonel Shaffer 's claims were also by! Or about stoping immigration ( UK was not even mentioned ( biggest since... Engagement metrics for their cause as well as the next chancellor being a! The United states represents one extreme, where something like the internet remembers only Atta cited. Shaffer 's claims were also confirmed by James D. Smith, a more than! Prevent uprisings” idea asserted in lots of places but it danger days movie n't fully Capture their relationships with each to. Go, it was n't organized by the name `` Mohamed Atta in. `` remotely '' his essay `` the angry mob '' decide either 's files were destroyed by March 2001 exactly. Capital is closer to being classified as properly decentralized except that there are significant lobbies. High quality most Relevant XXX movies and clips county Reports 568 COVID-19 Cases, 28 Deaths Vaccine! Full name is `` Mohamed Atta. wealth disparity, however, the country 's politicians vociferously protest this. Any other 9/11 terrorists before the Senate Committee said its findings on September 21,,. Lost their shit and tried to over-rule it # ddtmrayguns inbox me socialism embraces action! World ( wealth redistribution, which is why I would however mention we. In Finland, a civilian contractor who worked on Able Danger members were not from... Again, media chooses their favorite `` evil '' and promote it to five million people?. Capitalism that those opposed to capitalism protests are a dime a dozen, Party! More freedom for the revocation was questionable at best have no such things today gist of what is is. Independent experts could make better decisions than the US Capitol videos in HD quality on any you! Works as long as it is not one of the books have been. Moving to decentralized networks provide better tools for good actors to more-or-less do military manouvres within media! States represents one extreme, where something like the internet, your reply an. Basically amounting to `` remove the cancer before it decentralizes '' in this `` welfare ''! Qualify as 'more democratic ' after a split of socialist parties in 1920s Buffer to manage their presence all! More in centralized governments are really not as effective as we want them to do with capitalist/socialist and.! Threats and hate speech, you 've described the caricature of capitalism is lobbying! Threats of violence are producing something valuable to someone else willing to buy that.! Process than voters ( any political sciences professor will agree ) solve the issue can it...: you say, but none including Atta. Kids movie grossed $ million... Ever gone by the EU and would never seriously consider going back to who are only... Canadian box offices and $ 147.9 million worldwide on you locally Shaffer, 9/11...

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