Voice Control – Connect your lock to Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or Siri. The lock is factory reset and is in mint condition. The Connect Wi-Fi Bridge pairs your August Smart Lock with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Control access for anyone. The accessory won't connect to the Internet or any local devices so any third-party services, like firmware updates, might be blocked. August Smart Lock use AES 128 bit and TLS encryption, aka bank grade security for your data. August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Remote Access, Alexa Integration for Your August Smart Lock ... *Siri only works with August Smart Lock Pro with Homekit ... 2.0 out of 5 stars So here goes another August smart lock and WIFI connect hub review. Without a 4th generation apple tv the lock does require either the Connect Adapter or the August Doorbell Cam for remote use. This bundle includes the August Smart Lock Pro, August Connect and the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Charcoal. zwave, homekit & alexa compatible. There are two ways to connect to your smart lock using your phone: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. "This is the owner of this HomeKit network," the HomeKit Hub says to your installed HomeKit bridge or device. With a HomeKit Hub, however, that command travels over the cellular network to the device, where it handshakes using your Apple ID. I bought the August Connect kit, which includes the August module to replace the iM1 module. Wireless Requirements-2.4GHertz Wi-Fi network. The other difference is down to size; the lock is overall 45% smaller in volume, and 20% slimmer than the current model, the August Lock Pro. Ready to build a smart home run by Siri? Answered by Stormcat 2 years ago Comes with the Smart Module, August Connect Wi-FI Bridge and DoorSense™. A: Answer You need to get an august connect if you want operate it remotely around the world. My wifi connection is great and my digital environment hasn't changed between iOS 14 and iOS 14.2. Selling our August Smart Lock with Connect WiFi Bridge, HomeKit enabled. I'd completely abandoned using the home app and just used the third-pary apps, that is until my August Smart Lock/Connect completely stopped working across all devices in my home (Android and iOS). *Note: Siri works with select HomeKit-enabled August Smart Locks. Also, comes with the Connect Wifi bridge … But buyers should be advised, the August Connect is not an Apple HomeKit compatible device. Items may ship separately. In order to manage both August Smart Locks remotely, each one would need to be connected to an August Connect/WiFi Bridge, meaning you would need two Connects. We've found the best sales. The product above comes with the WiFi bridge, so if you purchased 2 units, you would have 2 locks and 2 connects. Without a HomeKit Hub that command goes nowhere: Siri replies with "I can't do that." Only August has Door Sense to tell you if your door is securely closed and locked. This means that HomeKit only works on adhoc Bluetooth connections, so if you want to access your lock when you are away from home you must have your HomeKit hub within Bluetooth range of the August lock, otherwise, if you only have wifi connectivity you must use the August App. You will need the August Connect Wifi Bridge. Please proceed to check out to see the delivery dates. Each one of these have restrictions that require the August Connect. or do I need to purchase the Connect Wi-Fi bridge in order for it to connect to my wifi ? Then tap an accessory to change the level of connection security. Tell Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant to control your August Smart Lock Pro (requires August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge). (Wi-Fi SNR 45, Wi-Fi RSSI -51, Bluetooth RSSI … I could go back to the iM1 module to get HomeKit, but the terrible Yale app, but that is a tradeoff I'm not prepared to make just yet. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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