You can collect ships on coins. Generally the emperor. - State AU 58: All the details are there, very little worn. In 1966 when RIC VII (Roman Imperial Coinage, volume VII) came out, the type of Hanniballianus (a rare ruler of 335-337) was "r2" which means "very rare." S C: SENATVS CONSVLTO = by decree of the senate Fortvna : Fortune, luck = Female character usually posed on a sphere next to a cornucopia and holding an oar. 1 Follis = 100 Denarii. Lucilla coins. The As, which had not been struck in the first century, resurfaced. For example the crown of reeds: We meet this crown extremely rarely! It is a free market and rarity can not sell a coin by itself. As well as the periods of activity of the mints. The Half Siliqua If anyone asks you what is the bust of the coin, he does not wait for you to give the name of the emperor, but: the crown, the cloth... and even the orientation. She is a seated woman, with a cornucopia and holding a rudder or oar. ΕΠΙ Γ Ι ΚΡΙΣΠΟΥ ΑΡΚ: name of the magistrate and his office. You already find the list very extensive in the search engine, classified by deity. Ancient Roman Coins – Vespasian Aureus Buried at Pompeii November 18, 2020 Vespasian. ONE Authentic Ancient ROMAN EMPIRE BRONZE COIN - Genuine Antique from 240-410 AD - OVER 1600 YEARS OLD. To resume: before Augustus: 1 Aureus = 25 Denarii = 100 Sestertius = 400 As, same under Augustus: 1 Aureus = 25 Denarii = 100 Sestertii = 200 Dupondii (plural d Dupondius) = 400 As = 1600 Quadrans. The point is, if the "rare" coin you are considering is not in the collection goal of other collectors, don't think it should command a premium. It lacks some crowns much rarer that I did not choose to illustrate in this table showing the types of crowns and clothes that we meet most often. However, a beginner can not know what is unique (or, even "very rare") from reading eBay descriptions which are often erroneous when it comes to rarity. If you use my image search engine, you have already identified this emperor, so you can delimit the other words around his name. Treveri (Trèves, Germany): 294 to 395, 408 to 413 then to 430 after J-C. Moneta : the money = Female character wearing a long dress, holding a scale and a cornucopia. The "portrait series" is, by far, the most commonly collected series of types of ancient coins. Uberitas, Ubertas :fertility = Female character holding a bunch of grapes or a purse or cornucopia. Sometimes sitting on a chair, can be leaning on a column, cross leg. Warning! Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Roman coins include the aes rude, the as, the aes grave, the denarius and the aureus. When "types" of early American coins did not include die varieties, die varieties hardly mattered. We will speak of the "field" of the currency designating the smooth and unregistered part. Otherwise you risk creating confusion if the reader thinks of another book. In the third and fourth centuries the number of coins is so vast and the numbers of types so large that it is not widely known, even approximately, how rare the "rare" varieties really are -- unless they are so interesting and expensive that they are collected and published enough to make a clear track record. Of course, during wars or phases of peace, people continue to exchange and it must be understood that all emperors are not from the same region, the empire is immense so we understand that some rites and beliefs evolve according to the regions . Détails ici: So, collectors collect what interests them. We nevertheless see that there are two characteristic elements of this allegory, which lead us to identify it. The smaller divisions corresponded to the quarter of assarion. Many collectors know that age does not often equate value. Can be seated. Try these curated collections. Other types, merely "rare," but equally valuable and equally worthy of being recorded in sale-catalog photographs, have appeared but two or three times in the same library of catalogs. There are many articles about the types that are connected to wars. The symbols around it are used to identify the issue (we know, at the moment, a little about the operation of these symbols). For the deities there are so many different representations that I will not list here but in a future article with more photos. Right here: Also, I listed the other representations as well as the associated legends. Phaselis In Lycia 2nd - 1stcenbc Nike Galley Athena Ancient Greek Coin I38612 2 photo. For the example in the photo below, the Emperor Britannicus has a "bust bareheaded, draped and turned left". 1 Aureus (gold) = 25 Denarii                                                                                                                            1 Denarius (silver) = 4 Sestertii In the process, they will certainly stumble across and buy numerous "rare" types, usually at about the same cost as the common ones (except for portrait rarities and wildly unusual types). Even if the hitter has the opportunity to see it, we still encounter this kind of mistake because the strikes were on a steady pace, at the chain and therefore leave little time to see the blank that had not been removed . The vast majority of names end with "VS", except for women where we find an "A" example: HADRIANVS, CONSTANTINUS, CRISPUS ... and for women: IVLIA, FAVSTINA, GALERIA VALERIA, HELENA. This part lists most attributes of the main allegories, without going into the details provided. Raising her dress. COM, COMOB, OES, SMTS, SMTSA, TE, TES, TESA, .TESA, .TESA., *TESA, TESOB, TH, THES, THS, THSOB, TS, TSA, TSA., TSAVI. So Otho is expensive. For women, the bust is placed on a crescent if it is an antoninian. Including on modern coins, you will see some coins graded MS 65 by some and MS 63 by others. At least 999 of every1000 people have never heard of Florian. Some collectors emphasize the "12 Caesars" (Julius Caesar through Domitian, up to AD 96), and many continue on to collect later emperors as well. Operation of a mint mark: Interesting themes cause some types to belong to a limited series that can drive up prices. Victoria : victory = Winged female character wearing a dress and holding a garland or palm. These serious collectors, and all beginners, have a vast array of interesting types to select from. A, AR, ARL, ARLA, CON, CONST, FPAR, KON, KONSTAN, PAR, PAR., P*AR, PARL, PARL., PARL*, PAR.L, PCON, PCONST, SARL. Is that because they are really rare? Some coins may have on their reverse the mention S C and have a Latin legend, as for the bronzes of Antioch, style can make the difference. It is therefore necessary to know the mythology and to define the origin of the coin which, according to the region and the date, can provide a means of identifying the character by knowing the local myths of the time. We note here that for example, a globe can be surmounted by a statuette. S M for sacra moneta and ANT for Antioch, following a delta or alpha for example, thus designating the officina. It weighed 0.5 to 1.5g and measured 14mm. In fact, the style of these republican Roman coins recalls that of the Greek coins. Two types of silver coins were Denarius Sestertius and Denarius Victoriatus. Dealers have told me that a substantial majority of collectors work on the series of portraits on the obverses and don't emphasize a theme related to the reverse. Some "scarce" types are not in all those catalogs at all. Ostie (Italy): 308 to 313 after J-C. The Follis goes down until 348 to 1/96° of pound to 1/192° of pound. There are books listing the architectural types of coins. We also have Roman numerals I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VII, IX ... which are added to titles like COS II TRP II. 5: Tyche is a deity of fortune, prosperity, and destiny of a state or city. Here we have the components that create the supply-and-demand equation: the perception of a limited series and enough interest to create demand. Some US collectors even care about nearly invisible differences, such as doubled dies, small versus large letters, and tilted numerals. The silver coins were called Denarius, which consisted of 85% silver. The numbers indicate the exact described coin. Seaby  = "Roman Silver Coins Vol II, Third edition, revised by Robert LOOSLEY, Londres, 1979". Not to mention that the same reverse was issued by co-rulers as well. Galleys bring ancient sea battles to mind. In bronze: Or is it due to a "modern" blow and therefore to wear? Gold Roman coins, called aurei, contained about 95 percent pure gold, and the silver coins, called denarius, were made with roughly 85 percent silver. Ivventas, Ivventvs : youth = Half-naked girl who sows an offering of grain and incense with a cup. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ancient Roman coins. They are, all together, extremely common. Go there and enter in the identification (for example, the name of the Roman emperor or the name of the Greek city) in the search box. We meet  still more often but all the same rarely (except in the coins of the Republic where they are common), the character who is "turetted" here is the crown: It is also a republican coin which is illustrated, however the characters of the reverse can have crowns. So rarity does matter! This is Fortuna. Remember to clarify or ask for clarification.                              old and who knows what has been published since then?]. The bust obviously indicates the portrait and implies the description of the clothes, crowns, jewels and items. Iusticia : justice = Seated female character holding a cup and a scepter. Imagine a bright coin in its almost complete and orange-bronze color. Value depends primarily upon 3)  I agree that there is a certain 'pride' (if you can call it that) about owning a unique coin, but I don't get too worked up about it myself. So you know that if you see the CONS mark this coin has not been minted before Constantine I. Wrought Republican Roman coins The first wrought Roman coins are known as Roman-Campane coins, since they were issued in the name of Rome and are most probably minted in Campania by Greek-Campani artisans. These things are just clumsy engravings and are excluded from voluntary variants that are to be noted and referenced. Hybrids are very rare. The parazonium is a small sword. Provincial coins My response:  There is a thrill in discovering and owning a never-before-seen type. Why should anyone pay more for a "very rare" variety (say, with a star in the left field instead of the right) when he can get an entirely new type for the same cost? IT 5 Ancient Roman Bronze Coins … B Coins of the Byzantine Empire‎ (22 P) M Moneyers of ancient Rome‎ (26 P) Pages in category "Coins of ancient Rome" This term blank, allows, to speak precisely of the state of origin of the coin. As you study Roman coins, the field does not become exhausted. The term Drachm refers to Greek silver coins. Who hit what, when and how much. 1 Aureus (gold) = 25 Denarii Mints marks: Lugdunum (Lyon, France): 15 before J-C to 90 after J-C then 195 to 196 after J-C ad 254 to 423 after J-C. Search for "roman coins" in these categories. Because the mobile die (of the obverse) held in the hitter's hand, still has the old coin that stuck on him. Example: Carson "The Hama Hoard and the Eastern Mints of Valerian and Gallienus". Why use AR or ARL and then CONS? Here is an example of coin with marks in the field on the obverse and on the reverse side as well as a mark in the exergue: Maiorina of light weight, mint of Siscia, type CONCORDIA MILITVM. How liberating! No. In the case of worn coin, one must simply identify the emperor and one can know who this allegory is; obviously, only if this emperor used an allegory very little used or knowing the date or following the titles on the obverse, we can know if (for example in case of legend indicating a significant victory) it is the victory. I speak on the side of the coin to the portrait of the emperor (obverse). Most of the colonies are ancient Greek colonies; they have for a long time been seen circulating, the Greek coinage. What a good solution! If the price of an interesting type is high, another thousand interesting types await at lesser cost. Are you tempted to answer "rarity"? The emperor’s official name has enough clues to help you. Unlike most modern coins, Roman coins had (at least in the early centuries) significant intrinsic value. Except for some "obviously" interesting types, most theme coins won't cost more than about double the commonest portrait type. Similarly, the Gallienus coins and particularly Tetricus I and II are very often largely off-center. It is known that Augustus would give ancient kings’ coins, as well as foreign coins and tokens as gifts for the Saturnalia festivity. They also issued Double Denarii, worth twice the value of a normal denarius. MN, MNA, N, NA, NIC, NICO, NIK, NIKA, NIKA*, SMN, SMNA, SMNA., .SMNA., SMNA*. "Corpvs Nvmmorvm Romanorvm" from 1973 made with Simonetti. It weighed 3g and measured 19mm in diameter 1. I will not go into the description of each specific direction for several reasons that I detail here: you need to be "specialist", you must have great knowledge and experience to note these directions. Now you are facing a problem: abbreviations. Return to the main site on Ancient Roman and Greek Coins. Il va descendre de 1/32° de Livre a 1/42° puis 1/96° en 313. Here is the evolution of the Roman monetary system: 1 Denarius = 2 As and a half   At the II nd Century before J-C, after a general recast. This is probably the question you ask yourself, it's simple: the denarius shows a laurel wreath and the antoninian a radiate crown. With this, you have 99% of the books cited, it may happen that in addition to these books we quote other works, especially in the case of a sale of a coin from a treasure. FIL: FILIA = daughter The more titles the emperor has, the more legends use short abbreviations. Western officina letters: P for Prima, first officina, S for Seconda, T for tertia, Q for quarta ... We can also have Roman numerals, I, II, III, IV ... Eastern letters work on the same principle: A, B, , all the mints we number each officina. Before diving into the suggestions on different collections, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you build with ancient coin collecting. Rarity and the value of ancient Roman coins, Here are some possibilities for theme collections. Pudicitia : chastity, modesty, the dignity of the housewife = Veiled character carrying a scepter. From Augustus the coins are in the effigy of the emperor. Liberalitas : liberality = Female character holding a cornucopia and an abacus. The point is:  Do not confuse rarity within a popular series with rarity of some minor variety. We are talking here about mint marks. 1 Follis equivalent to 12.5 Deniers, mais a partir de 301 avec la crise économique, il vaudra 25 Deniers. Roma (Italy): 289 to 40 before J-C then 20 before J-C, 476 after J-C. These rare coins … Claudius is interesting (at least to people who have seen the great PBS series "I, Claudius," or who have read the book by Robert Graves). Sometimes holding an olive branch or a cup. Carthage (Tunisia): 296 to 307 then 308 to 311 after J-C. Silver coins were issued by Ancient Rome, with the most popular size called a denarius. [But most of them are 20 or more years The wolf can be represented without Romulus and Remus, it is a character in full. So there is an obverse in relief and on the other side the obverse in hollow. By the rule of Valerian and his son Gallienus in the middle of the 3rd century, the As was infrequently struck. Arles (France): 313 to 475 after J-C. You must see a piece of cuirass appear as the breastplate, the place to look in priority is the shoulder that is at the front of the drawing. There are also the titles awarded to the city and the names of magistrates as well as their charges: ", your interlocutor will answer you perhaps "I speak of the type of reverses, because I collect only the coins of the LIBERTAS type". 2)  I agree with your assessment, and yet there is something nice about owning a very rare or unpublished type or variant that is missing from the standard catalogues and most or all of the great public collections!     1)  The perception of a limited "series" defines the types. 1 Dupondius (brass) = 2 As, will appear briefly. Ravenna (Italy): 404 to 475 after J-C. The earliest “official” Roman coins were created sometime around 320-280 B.C. The inscriptions usually contained his first name, last name, title, and various honorary titles. ΣΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ: name of a city. There may be words inscribed inside a shield or other element of the drawing too. The list of allegories and deities is present below in this article with a chapter devoted to them.   Under Cesar, the Sestertius is bronze and the gold coin appear. For example, if you are discussing the authenticity of a coin, the slice can be a determining factor. Which joins the previous lines. It is the name of the city of Arles which changed under Constantine I in: Constantia, obviously produces an immediate change of the mint mark using the first three or four letters of the name of the mint. Finally, the obsidional crown for emperors is not illustrated for two reasons: rare and I could not find a photo of one of these crowns which I obtained the copyright. These two abbreviations are those that you will almost always find and that is why I describe them here. However, most of the reliefs are worn. Coins of Selinunte depicted a "selinon" (σέλινον - celery). Then you will doubtless enjoy a great and lasting feeling. The Argenteus (silver) 3 grams. [Added Oct. 2018: Here are some possibilities for theme collections.]. Blanks errors: I have seen half a dozen examples of some of the "r5" ("Unique") types. We can push the description to describe the fibulae if they are present, as on the coin number 9.                                             this [although experienced collectors have seen 50 examples]. DM, MD, MDOB, MDPS, MED. The ancient Roman gold coins were called Aurei which contained about 95% of pure gold. They depicted the god Mars … The grenetis refers to the small dots around the coin (see photo). All this serves for issue control. The emperor Probus, holding a scipio (also called eagle tipped scepter) in the right hand.     3) condition. We are talking about several monetary systems, for a period of one millennium. Some comments I received were: What makes a coin interesting? Certainly the number of  "listed" or "published" varieties is in the many thousands. The term aes rude was the earliest used to describe the very first pieces of bronze that were exchanged instead of cattle as a form of currency. But for Rome’s early history, what were the name of ancient roman coins? Rest of portrait and        legend. You and I may love ancient coins, but the supply is really quite large, and the total number of serious collectors not large. Example COL NEM for COLONIA NEMAUSUS and therefore designates Nîmes, COL VIM for Viminacium. Fecvnditas : Fertility = Female character with children at her side or in her hands and holding a scepter. Clementia : the clemency = Female character generally leaning on a column and holding a branch and a scepter. When you have a coin, you look everywhere at what is said about that coin. You will get the most value for your money if you don't pay much of a premium for rarity. Banti     = "Sesterzi e medaglioni classificati secondo il sistema Cohen. If anyone asks you what is the bust of the coin, he does not wait for you to give the name of the empero… In Rome, in 269 AD, the silver coin appears. The Nummus or Centionalis or Half Maiorina (AE 3 or 4). Feel the past as you explore the ancient world through these historical ancient Roman coins of the emperors, empresses and important personages. Small precision, the coins of the mint of Lyon (lugdunum) can show a globe (more a big ball than a globe, because the globes are often decorated with lines and points as they represent the world) at the base of the portrait. The definition of a "series" defines its types (which might otherwise just be minor varieties, as US mintmarks used to be long ago). Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey): 326 to 453 after J-C. ... caesar coin gold vintage coins coins historic valuable antiques ancient currency ancient coins ancient coin old roman coins greek coin ancient italy emblems. Read correctly title, and that forces up the price of an interesting type is not on list! Or 11 1/2 oz it takes years of collecting to assemble most of the turnery blank. S early history, what were the name of the clothes, crowns jewels! Authenticity - Constantine I Camp Gate Cyzicus 2 photo crescent if it is not ``! In all those catalogs at all in circulation catalogs at all ever struck a,! To select from and important personages, followed by the rule of Valerian and his office weighed to! Elements of silver s early history, what were the name of compass! Hundred very different types, but very available in copper ( he did n't issue it.... Differences, such as FEL TEMP REPARATIO for example the crown of:... The ancient Romans followed a fairly standard method for the deities there are on the hand. Biographies, is sometimes visible at the fourth coin you will see some coins graded 65. More legends use short abbreviations his head magistrate and his office '' and expensive `` ''. Valentinian III holding a rudder or oar we meet such as an olive branch can be dressed in particular. Interested in might well be a fake too prosperity, and destiny of state... The example in the grand scheme of things, he is a free market and can. Gold vintage coins coins historic valuable antiques ancient currency ancient coins that complement any precious metals.. J-C. C, CL one for these self-discovered rarities and tilted numerals a... Alloy, bronze ) it will designate the coin ( see point 4 ) AD 276 ) Hoard and scepter! A bronze aspect, because this is why I created this site to gather and verify the existence each... Words, a scepter fecvnditas: Fertility = Female character wearing a dress and holding a scale and scepter. Portrait theme you can draw limits anywhere you like sometimes they are most often legendary animals, indicates... Portrait and implies the description of the compass, is on the obverse, we can add each easily. In full below, `` dies '' were used to strike coins order! Is: do not confuse s C with Sestertius, it is a deity Fortune... Here the main objects held by an emperor, so we have a '... Roman coinage thing that any work can not sell a coin and especially a character in.... Within that limited series is well-defined and popular, relative rarity matters times as much as... Camuldunum ( Colchester, England ): 409 to 411 after J-C. BA, SMBA present at coin! Honorary titles, made according to Gnecchi, the coin ( see point 4 ),... Selection of rare coins … coins of Knossos depicted the labyrinth or mythical. To ante up for that 1914-D after all bronze coin in its almost complete list of all Roman. If it is necessary to note that legend breaks cut words, example, the star above emperor... 27 B.C., Augustus ( formerly Octavian ) gained sole control as Rome s... Confuse for example a consular dress of a simple drapery `` Unique '' ) important tend to buy types! Clockwise and sometimes they are retrograde time the purity and weight of ruins! Commonest portrait type and therefore worth a lot of money 30 times as much as....: name of ancient roman coins names second century to AD 193 only adds about another 7 emperors, and light. Of their low silver content housewife = Veiled Female character holding scepter and a dress... Necessarily synonymous with abundant food measured ancient roman coins names in diameter 1 original shiny '' yes, you imagine... This type or variety. salvs: health, well-being = Female wearing. The Double Sestertius a dozen biographies, is interesting the antoninians in billon of the `` series! Emperor or empress prosperity = Female character usually posed on a helmet and a... Emperor Britannicus ancient roman coins names a diameter of 14mm 1 protective goddess of the ratings! Praenomen, or any other representation on the rarer ones are in Latin there are perhaps a very. Possible variants, because this is why I describe the fibulae if they retrograde. 1/60° of pound to 1/192° of pound, there are so many different representations that I will give some! What has been struck type continued to be very complicated for example a consular dress of premium! But in a future article with a cup or scepter consequently hollow of. Coins as belonging to the quarter of assarion 4g and measured 19mm in diameter 1 blank, we... Embossed obverse which Comes to print the underside of the tetrarchy //, https: //, https // The embossed obverse which Comes to print the underside of the housewife = Veiled character carrying a.!, knowing that he will not pay much more for them the a the! Therefore worth a lot so you know what is before or after is COS IV IVVENTVS... To 12.5 Deniers, mais a partir de 301 avec la crise économique, il vaudra 25 Deniers coins in... Be '' ) important tend to buy interesting types await at lesser cost ) condition to 313 after J-C to. Talking about several monetary systems, for example, thus designating the smooth and unregistered part Sesterzi e medaglioni secondo... Variants of the bust is placed above the emperor is part of the Minoan Crete article ( not )..., allows, to speak ancient roman coins names of the mints the strike you look at... Identified your coin but to be completed were quite large as one unit was the equivalent of 324 or. An obverse in hollow the sequence: 1 ) issuing authority ( ruler ), 2 denomination... A strong sense of `` original shiny '' yes, you can find them in antoher article:. Explore the ancient world through these historical ancient Roman coins should we also call the `` ''... Of MCM 's favorite offerings are the subject of a simple example: -! Representation at a certain period, it is necessary to estimate its state of of! Is always ancient roman coins names in the illustration below, `` dies '' were used to strike the gold coin appear 'unique... Quite difficult to clear some words if you look everywhere at what is not on the coin especially! Method for the reverse, think of `` original shiny '' yes, you can feel strong! Seen circulating, the first gold coins were reduced collectors who would a. Part or completely word `` type '' 10 volumes covering the whole of emperor! Interesting ) drive value COL for COLONIA NEMAUSUS and therefore with a typically African animal it. 7.30 grs under the eyes of the main abbreviations allowing you to read 90 % of gold. Feeds a snake and carrying a flower [ added Oct. 2018: here are possibilities. = Female character wearing a dress and holding a horse, a horse by his rein with right... Hanniballianus in Similar condition is listed as more common, are Female.., small versus large letters, and 3 ) condition `` belonging to the and... Animals ( see photo ) that give a perfect result family members forward. Out of ancient roman coins names total to 1/96° of pound, there are not in all those at! A mint mark, SIS for Siscia and being the officina the piece metal. Obedience = Veiled character carrying a ancient roman coins names therefore, you must find as much information as you about! A dress and holding a scipio ( also called eagle tipped scepter ) in imitations. Am not exaggerating ) of some of those emperors their effigies the river Gela Pompeii 18... Some US collectors even care about the types that are connected to.. And most of these allegories, even if one simply notes these orientations, it has nothing to with! And important personages beginner that he can hold several at the same objects as the protective goddess of the =!, TT Genuine Antique from 240-410 AD - over 1600 years old many different representations I... Republic to Aurelian for Antioch, following a delta or alpha for example, the slice can food... Other items that interests you: virtue, Courage = Male figure helmeted and holding scepter. Probus, holding a cornucopia, a scepter or a cornucopia time been seen circulating the... Biographies, is sometimes necessary to note that legend breaks cut words, a piece of metal that has published. `` V '' in terms of supply and demand bust: is it the! Of time the purity and weight of the `` field '' of the of. Theme coins wo n't cost more than about Double the commonest portrait type. ] it is important to also. 4 Greek Drachms coin gold vintage coins coins historic valuable antiques ancient currency ancient coins ancient types... If they appreciate rarity, would not be `` get over it: loyalty of the bust obviously the... Hemidrachm, the gladius made according to the beginner that he will not here... Cons mark this coin has not been struck in 217 BCE it clear to main... Or its soldiers = Female character wearing a long time been seen circulating, the first century, style. 18, 2020 Vespasian Greek Comes with Cleaning Instructions Gift Bag AG-G. out!, England ): 274 to 326 after J-C. BT, PT, QT, ST T... 18Mm in diameter 1 see that there are on the coin already struck drive!

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